One Wall Street
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ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST DANIEL PEMBREY 20 May 2019 Behind the Painstaking Restoration of a Hidden Art Deco Gem on Wall Street
The restoration of the One Wall Street Red Room has been painstaking. "Much of it was intact and so this was a face-lift rather than a full-blown restoration," comments Macklowe Senior Project Manager Joseph Bosco, "We’ve had to use nonchemical, nonabrasive techniques to clean the tiles very, very carefully, so as not to risk damage." Good fortune came in finding an unopened box of several thousand original tiles in the building’s basement.
THE NEW YORK TIMES C. J. HUGHES 20 July 2018 One Wall Street Becomes Condos
As bedrooms continue to replace boardrooms in the financial district, another prewar bank building is becoming a residence. The Art Deco bank tower that was once home to Irving Trust will have 566 apartments.
GALERIE GEOFFREY MONTES 30 June 2017 A Hidden Art Deco Lobby on Wall Street Undergoes a $1 Million Restoration
An exclusive peek at the elaborate mosaic-clad Red Room, designed by Hildreth Meière