Life Time Fitness Opening Feature

Nothing is more empowering than feeling in control of your physical and mental health. And one of the best ways to stay healthy, strong, and centered mentally and physically is by staying active. Fortunately for residents of One Wall Street, Life Time Fitness has recently opened its four-story, 75,000-square-foot health and wellness spa on the ground floor of the building. While One Wall Street residents also have exclusive access to the on-site One Club, with a dedicated full-floor wellness and fitness center and a 75-foot, glass-enclosed swimming pool all at their disposal, Life Time Fitness adds yet more on-site options to vary their fitness routine.

It’s hard to overestimate the benefits of a workout—from reducing stress levels and blood pressure to elevating mood and keeping us toned, buff, or whatever makes us feel confident in our own skin. The secret to keeping up a fitness regime and all its benefits is to make it a habit and an easy part of a routine. With Life Time Fitness, One Wall Street residents will have complimentary memberships to one of New York City’s most luxe workout destinations, and they won’t need to brave a long walk in the cold or rain to get there. That means fewer excuses for missing a workout and even greater ease in crafting a fitness regime that sticks.

Convenience isn’t the only draw of Life Time Fitness. This workout mecca offers professional trainers at the top of their game who can work one-on-one with you to customize your workout to meet your fitness goals, help keep you motivated, and make sure your workouts stay safe and injury-free, and your workout varied. If you’re dealing with an existing injury, physical therapists are also available to get you back to your full self in no time. The schedule is also filled with hundreds of weekly fitness classes, including studio, yoga, barre, strength training, and indoor cycling.

There are ample opportunities at Life Time Fitness to make fitness more social. You can work out in teams, including rock climbing along climbing walls. Fans of racquet sports can enjoy a game of squash, racquetball, and pickleball (to keep up with the hottest new sports trend in recent years). You can also take to the swimming pool for laps or take to the basketball courts for pickup games, among other options. Life Time Fitness also offers activities and events for kids and community-building activities like dances and pool parties.With Life Time Fitness, as well as One Wall Street’s own One Club, residents will have all the tools for building and maintaining a fitness routine that will keep them happy and healthy all year. Contact our team today to hear more about the lifestyle perks available to residents of the Lower Manhattan condos for sale at One Wall Street.

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