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The Best of Stone Street
25 October 2022

Ancient Rome still breathes in the streets of the 21st century cosmopolitan city, and the pyramids transform stretches of the desert into a time warp. The fact that New York City is one of the places on Earth most defined by constant change means that those few places where history is still a tactile presence become small gems that transport us to an earlier incarnation of a place within the city grid. Stone Street, just moments from the Lower Manhattan condos for sale at One Wall Street, is one such gem, anchoring the city to its wild and complicated histories and giving off more than a whiff of quaintness that is only intensified by the fact that it is surrounded by the towering buildings of NYC. 

Here, you’ll find the location of the first paved street in New Amsterdam, as well as one of the best bar and dining destinations in the neighborhood — and that combination is no accident. The bars and restaurants along Stone Street each contribute to the time capsule atmosphere that makes this special street such an unusual and rich place.

Perhaps no establishment quite captures the magic of Stone Street like Ulysses’ Folk House, which has become a neighborhood staple. Named for the hero of James Joyce’s eponymous novel, and Homer’s epic upon which that novel was based, this is a bar that turns a night in the Financial District into something epic in and of itself. Taking advantage of the fact that Stone Street is closed to traffic, Ulysses’ is one of the restaurants with outdoor seating that allows visitors to take full advantage of the look and feel of the cobblestones and the historically preserved row of houses tucked inside the caverns of the newer buildings. Named by The Infatuation as one of the best NYC bars with live music, this is a place to down a Guinness while basking in the hallowed atmosphere of New York past and present.

At Underdog, you’ll also find outdoor seating, as well as cocktails made by mixologists who treat their craft as an art form. As the weather cools down, head here for a Peanut Butter Old Fashioned, which features peanut butter-infused Misguided Rye, banana, and honey; or an Irish coffee, made with Kilbeggan whiskey.

For a truly unique Stone Street experience, The Cauldron is a place like no other. You can book tickets here and literally brew up magical (and tasty) potions. It’s basically a dream come true for fantasy fans who want to wave a wand like Harry Potter or wield a lightsaber like Luke Skywalker (and make actual rainbow-colored effects appear). This October, come for the pumpkin carving experience, where you get carving tools, a hollowed pumpkin, and the shop’s signature HallowCream winter warmer, which can be served with or without alcohol. It’s the perfect place to pay homage to the history of Stone Street — a gateway to other worlds within the city.

Put yourself at the heart of living New York history. Visit the One Wall Street website to see what is available at this landmark Downtown building, and contact the sales team for more information.

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