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Sushi and Wall Street: A Match Made in Heaven
6 August 2022

Like One Wall Street itself, Downtown Manhattan’s exquisite sushi scene combines traditional forms with contemporary execution for unbeatable quality and style. Living at the striking Art Deco condo conversion puts one in the heart of the culinary action, with plenty of world-class sushi spots within minutes of home. So, pick up your chopsticks, prepare yourself for that wasabi burn, and enjoy the best sushi in Downtown Manhattan!

Sushi refers to the Japanese name for the sticky rice that forms the bed for many succulent cuts of raw fish. While sushi has existed in Japan since the eighth century, it didn’t make its way over to America until the 20th century, when a small group of restaurants in Los Angeles introduced the Western world to the delicacy. By the 1980s, sushi had gone nationwide, with the expensive, small-portioned meals becoming a staple of high-end business dining everywhere. Now, with over 15,000 sushi restaurants across the USA, it’s fair to say that sushi is here to stay.

In Downtown Manhattan, many would say that sushi begins and ends with Nobu. Though not exactly a purveyor of traditional sushi, Nobu, named for celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa, has earned its spot atop the sushi world with envelope-pushing preparations backed up by unparalleled fish selections and a legendary omakase (chef’s choice) menu. Nobu’s lounge, by architect David Rockwell, transports guests to the Japanese countryside with its birch trees and a wall made of river stones, creating an unforgettable backdrop against which to enjoy this life-changing sushi.

For a truly intimate experience, try one of these small but excellent sushi-yas. Chef Shion Uino’s Shion 69 Leonard offers a $420 prix-fixe menu of individually prepared Edomae-style sushi cuts at his small Financial District spot, where reservations are required. If you can’t snag a seat at Shion’s bar, try Sushi of Gari, a slightly less expensive sushi-ya with similarly tight reservation requirements and unbeatable cuts of succulent toro and mouth watering uni.

If you’re in need of a high-end sushi fix but can’t wait a month for your reservation, try Suteishi, where Japanese cuisine meets American ingredients and preparations to create delicious fusion fare. Enjoy unique dishes such as the bigeye tuna with a roasted garlic chip or the popular tuna ravioli, or stop by for brunch and try the eggs Benedict with sake-marinated salmon.

Of course, with new eateries opening in Downtown Manhattan every day, there has never been a better place for a sushi lover to live than One Wall Street. Reach out today to learn more about these Lower Manhattan condos for sale.

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