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A Day at the Gallery in Downtown Manhattan
21 April 2022

Lower Manhattan might be a renowned world financial center, but it’s also home to a vast number of cultural destinations—including some outstanding art galleries. Let’s take a look at some of the artistic institutions on the doorstep of One Wall Street

The Hole | 86 Walker Street

Ghanaian artist Kpe Innocent’s first solo exhibition is currently showing at The Hole on Walker Street, until 7 May. The 10 square canvas works of “You Know What, You Are Loved :)” feature a semi-autobiographical protagonist—a melancholy figure cast from geometric shapes. The grey clouds that appear behind the character, says The Hole, suggests the exhibition’s ​​upbeat title is aimed at the figure in the paintings as well as the audience. The palette of ochre, burnt sienna, dusty reds, and rusty oranges, meanwhile, reflects common hues seen in the Greater Accra Region, where Innocent hails from.

Anderson Contemporary | 180 Maiden Lane

Just an eight-minute walk from the condos for sale at One Wall Street, Anderson Contemporary is a treasure trove of exhilarating avant-garde works. Until the end of June, the Future Myth exhibition is in residence here; the concept, says the gallery, is to “reveal the way artists see and define their worlds through the culture of personal and cultural myths.” The show stars Brandon Sines’s mystical Frank Ape character and Patrick Dougher’s artistic celebrations of the “divine spiritual nature of people of African descent.”

Bortolami | 39 Walker Street

The over-excited title of Fernanda Laguna’s exhibition ​Welcome to my show in New York!!!!!! hints at the endearing childlike quality of the Argentinean artist’s works. Found materials such as glitter, shells, and ribbons are utilized, but there are surprisingly touching depths to Laguna’s works. One figure cries torrents of gold glitter—bringing their sadness front and center. Residents of One Wall Street have until May 7 to catch this Bortolami show.

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