One Wall Street

At One Wall Street, the Lower Manhattan condos for sale are more than just your everyday dwellings. Much like the city itself, this luxury building is equal parts history and forward-thinking innovation, something you will be aware of from your first glimpse of the lobby to the moment you arrive at your luxury residence designed with modern comfort and convenience to elevate your everyday needs. 

Located in the center of world commerce and finance, One Wall Street was envisioned as a place where exquisite design merges with opulent materials and meticulous detailing to produce homes ranging from studios to four-bedrooms, creating a bright new future for Downtown NYC living. 

From the outside, this 50-story limestone-clad tower is an eye-catching monument to Art Deco as designed by the “architect of the century,” Ralph Walker. A hundred years ago, Walker was one of the most in-demand architects in the country, wowing critics and colleagues, like Frank Lloyd Wright, with his grand yet somehow subdued masterpieces, including the Western Union Building, the (now-named) Verizon Building, and, of course, One Wall Street, formerly named the Irving Trust Building. 

One look up, and it’s easy to see why One Wall Street is often regarded as one of the most gorgeous structures in town. 

The soft undulating of the exterior and the signature setback terraces have made One Wall Street an architectural icon in the New York City skyline. It’s a building so iconic that the original structure was designated as a New York City landmark in 2001, placing it among the ranks of the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building.

For most of its almost-100-year existence, One Wall Street was a hub for business and banking, with the aforementioned Irving Trust being its original notable tenant. As business grew, so did the building itself, with the addition of an annex. Passing by, you can almost imagine the doers and makers at work inside, hammering out deals with the clatter of office sounds continuing deep into the evening. 

Today, however, thanks to innovative developer Harry Macklowe, gone are the typewriters clacking and ticker tape machines buzzing. Instead, you’ll find world-class residences offering exquisite detailing and top-flight amenities where today’s business movers and shakers will find a relaxing spot to call home. Think: landscaped outdoor spaces, meticulously designed social areas, a state-of-the-art fitness facility, a concierge, and on-site wellness options.

Utilizing elements of One Wall Street’s corporate grandeur, the building is truly a mix of past and present, including the jaw-dropping Red Room (now being utilized as the One Walls Street Sales Gallery). Theatrical and sprawling, the Red Room was once a “banking hall” and entrance for One Wall Street. Although this immense space has not been designated as a landmark — yet — the team behind One Wall Street has treated it as such. Entered from street level, this remarkable room is a symphony of deep reds and oranges adorned with striking art by the Art Deco muralist Hildreth Meière.

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Lower Manhattan might be a renowned world financial center, but it’s also home to a vast number of cultural destinations—including some outstanding art galleries. Let’s take a look at some of the artistic institutions on the doorstep of One Wall Street

The Hole | 86 Walker Street

Ghanaian artist Kpe Innocent’s first solo exhibition is currently showing at The Hole on Walker Street, until 7 May. The 10 square canvas works of “You Know What, You Are Loved :)” feature a semi-autobiographical protagonist—a melancholy figure cast from geometric shapes. The grey clouds that appear behind the character, says The Hole, suggests the exhibition’s ​​upbeat title is aimed at the figure in the paintings as well as the audience. The palette of ochre, burnt sienna, dusty reds, and rusty oranges, meanwhile, reflects common hues seen in the Greater Accra Region, where Innocent hails from.

Anderson Contemporary | 180 Maiden Lane

Just an eight-minute walk from the condos for sale at One Wall Street, Anderson Contemporary is a treasure trove of exhilarating avant-garde works. Until the end of June, the Future Myth exhibition is in residence here; the concept, says the gallery, is to “reveal the way artists see and define their worlds through the culture of personal and cultural myths.” The show stars Brandon Sines’s mystical Frank Ape character and Patrick Dougher’s artistic celebrations of the “divine spiritual nature of people of African descent.”

Bortolami | 39 Walker Street

The over-excited title of Fernanda Laguna’s exhibition ​Welcome to my show in New York!!!!!! hints at the endearing childlike quality of the Argentinean artist’s works. Found materials such as glitter, shells, and ribbons are utilized, but there are surprisingly touching depths to Laguna’s works. One figure cries torrents of gold glitter—bringing their sadness front and center. Residents of One Wall Street have until May 7 to catch this Bortolami show.

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The 4,000-square-foot outdoor terrace will be a central feature of The One Club at One Wall Street and will help redefine how we relate to nature in the city. With its landscaped spaces complete with couches, planted trees, and city and harbor views in every direction, residents will not only be able to relax and mingle al fresco but also be able to consider a garden in the sky a part of their home.

As spring erupts in the city — more welcome than ever this year — this mindset enriches life behind the doors of these Lower Manhattan condos for sale but continues well beyond it. This is a neighborhood where lush parks at the river’s edge help connect residents to the creative possibilities of these new urban green spaces. Curated plantings, thoughtfully designed as works of art, line the river, and Downtown’s identity as the edge of an island where expanses open to the south, east, and west is clearly felt in nearby parks.

Columbus Park, just moments from One Wall Street, was once known as Five Points Park — a testament to its deep connection to New York history. Here, where once the original gangs of New York helped shape the cultural and literal landscape, visitors can now find a beloved Chinatown space, where a morning out can be transformed by the meditative, dancelike movements of a group of tai chi practitioners. With a playground and a basketball court, it’s the ideal spot to meet neighbors with similar interests and maybe even start a weekly pickup game.

Another outdoor space that combines the beauty of nature with the heartbeat of the city is the Battery’s Bosque Gardens, a landscaped space at the southern tip of Manhattan that is part of the largest horticultural planting in North America without an admission fee. Constituting the second phase of a master plan by Dutch landscape architect Piet Oudolf to transform the Battery with carefully selected plants, the Bosque is the perfect place to connect with flowers, spend a spring day reading in the sun, or take a blissful break while exploring the riverside neighborhood.

Nearby, is the SeaGlass Carousel, lawns made for leisurely picnics, and the pavilion that was the depot for immigrants to the New World before the Statue of Liberty had arrived to greet them. You’ll find greenery unlike anything seen outside the city — something completely unique to Downtown. It’s very much like One Wall Street itself, where the richness of New York is a part of everything you do, inside or out. 

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The Lower Manhattan condos for sale at One Wall Street have been created with an attention to detail worthy of an architectural icon. Building on the traditions of the past and paving the way for the Downtown of the future, these homes bring the height of luxury to the heart of New York’s financial center. 

While maintaining a focus on comfort and style, keeping fit is an in-house affair, literally built into this historic tower. Residents will enjoy the luxury and convenience of swimming in a 75-foot, glass-enclosed pool with views of the New York Harbor, and will also have access to a state-of-the-art fitness center, as well as changing rooms and steam rooms. In addition, residents will have complimentary memberships to Life Time, a 75,000-square-foot fitness center due to open this October — right inside the building.

So much more than a gym, Life Time offers a range of equipment, training and yoga rooms, a dizzying array of fitness and wellness classes, and a place where kids can learn, play, and move. With a philosophy deeply rooted in understanding the body, Life Time’s training program offers wellness experiences that cater to the specific needs of each resident, right down to the type of trainer they prefer. Classes include yoga, Pilates, meditation, barre, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and martial arts-based workouts. 

It’s all a part of the concept of wellness as a total package — that managing stress includes actual help with the creation of the time you need to attend to your wellness needs, which is why the Kids Academy is not just a convenience but a life-changing way to approach what a fitness center offers. Kids from 3 months to 11 years old will not only be cared for, but they will also be treated to the Life Time approach to health awareness with movement, building, and play activities that will inspire them and keep them entertained.

Life Time’s approach to wellness includes the idea that how you look and how you feel are closely intertwined. With this in mind, the club provides all the building blocks needed for residents to be their best selves. The LifeSpa offers everything from haircuts and facials to manicures and massages. To round out the LifeTime ethos, the LifeCafe makes it easy to stick to healthy dietary choices with its array of breakfast burritos, smoothies, sandwiches, and salads, all of which are made with the healthiest possible ingredients. 

The partnership between Life Time and One Wall Street is helping to redefine urban luxury and pave the way for optimal living in the New Downtown — all at one iconic address. 

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Luxury living is about more than a spacious home and sweeping views. It’s about attention to detail, that extra little flourish, that special perk. That’s why One Wall Street’s package of luxury amenities revolves around The One Club, a suite of facilities and services that will enhance every aspect of living in Downtown Manhattan. From lounges, bars, and coworking space to a gaming room and full-floor fitness center, The One Club will have something for every resident. 

But what if you need something more than a cardio machine or printer access (or any of the other impressive on-site offerings)? That’s where The One Club’s concierge service comes in, functioning as the ellipses on One Wall Street’s list of amenities, finding ways to extend the luxury services that residents find inside the building out into the rest of New York City. The concierge will also have an inside line on the New York social scene, including access to awards shows, fashion runways, and all manner of galas and society events. From helping with simple domestic tasks to complex logistics, the One Wall Street concierge leverages extensive and exclusive New York know-how to will give residents their own VIP tickets to the city.

One of the concierge’s biggest responsibilities will be securing restaurant reservations and private dining arrangements for residents. Whether they want to snag a spot at Daniel Boulud’s latest concept or hire their own private chef for the evening, residents know that the concierge should be their first call. For bigger events, the concierge can act as a point person for planning and coordination, from finding and reserving dining rooms to scheduling the caterers. For those looking to cook and connect with friends from the comfort of their own home, groceries are never an issue when you can have your groceries delivered to your doorstep from Whole Foods just an elevator ride away. 

The concierge will also maintain a list of recommended service providers for tasks with which they cannot help directly. Residents in need of everything from a dog walker or trainer to academic tutors, music instructors, or chauffeurs can trust the One Wall Street concierge to connect them with the best provider for the job. This expertise extends to simpler tasks like procuring flowers or gifts for a special occasion or doing routine errands like dry cleaning or housekeeping.
Between the facilities at The One Club and the additional services provided by the concierge, residents of One Wall Street will benefit from the most comprehensive amenities package in all of New York City. And that’s in addition to living in an iconic building located in the heart of the greatest city in the world. So, check the availability of our Lower Manhattan condos for sale to find your next New York home!

The local bar scene is a reflection of the personality of a neighborhood, so it’s no surprise that the options for cocktails near One Wall Street are teeming with character, history, and destination-level features like the best gin library in town or views of a nine-story atrium. After all, this is the New Downtown, where the heart of the city has been shifting, bringing locals the best of the best—though some might argue that since the days of old New York, Manhattan’s true pulse has always been here.

Tom Colicchio’s Bar Room at The Beekman is situated at the base of an atrium that is both the architectural core of the building and the place to find an expansive, vertical indoor space on a winter’s night. Alex Van Buren of Condé Nast Traveler recommends the James DeVille cocktail made from bourbon and absinthe, but makes an important note about the food too, explaining that “this is the rare bar with great New American cuisine. Expect updated classics like a beautiful baked Alaska, salmon à la Oscar, and chicken fricassée with morels and ramps.”

Another visual stunner of a bar near the Lower Manhattan condos at One Wall Street is The Lovelace. Located just across from the famous Stone Street strip, this bar takes its art-deco atmosphere and its gin seriously. Known for their Sunday Boozy Brunch with live jazz, this is another go-to nightspot you might want to revisit in the light of day for the jumbo crab omelet paired with unlimited mimosas or bloody Marys. It’s also the perfect romantic spot, with intimate leather banquettes where you can sample some of the finest gins in the world when it’s cold outside. Try the Spanish-style gin and tonic cocktails like the Skellig Rocks featuring Dingle Original Gin, lemon, and blackberries.

Nearby on Water Street is Jack McGarry and Sean Muldoon’s The Dead Rabbit, a bar that is so much more than quintessentially Irish. Rather, it’s an Irish vision realized in New York and combines the inspiration, meticulousness, and expertise of two Irishmen who came here surrounded with accolades —McGarry has been named “international bartender of the year”—partnered with Downtown New York’s energy and sense of history. In the downstairs taproom, you’ll find the perfect pint of Guinness, a wide array of whiskeys, and a prime rib roast on Sundays accompanied by live Irish music from 6 pm to 10 pm. 

Each of these spots is worthy of a cab ride from points north, but for residents of One Wall Street, these world-class gems will be your local go-to’s in Lower Manhattan, where being a regular can be a thing of wonder too. Contact us to learn more about One Wall Street’s condominium residences and the vibrant Downtown community that awaits you. 

Exercise is not just a matter of keeping fit or losing weight. It’s the bedrock of both mental and physical well-being. Luckily for residents of One Wall Street, everything you need to find the right workout for the right time is at your fingertips, built into the rhythms of these luxury Manhattan condos for sale.

According to HelpGuide, “Regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, and ADHD. It also relieves stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better, and boosts your overall mood.” If the winter months can make it harder to meet your fitness goals in spite of their obvious benefits, there’s nothing like having easy access to a swimming pool and extensive fitness facilities without having to leave home. At One Wall Street, you can go straight from your morning coffee or smoothie overlooking the sweeping views of the Statue of Liberty to the 75-foot, glass-enclosed pool for a lap swim you can tailor to your body’s needs.

Take advantage of The One Club’s state-of-the-art fitness equipment to release endorphins or keep up with your jogging routine through those final weeks of winter. Ramp it up with your membership at the Life Time Fitness, also located in the building. Spanning three floors, this gym is 75,000 square feet of creative exercise and wellness possibilities, where you can take yoga classes and reap the mind-body benefits of a regular practice, study meditation, incorporate the grace of ballet via barre training, and whet your sense of adventure with indoor cycling. You can also choose to work with a personal trainer and get to know your body and what it’s capable of in a way you never have before. While you’re working out, you can take advantage of two and a half hours of on-site childcare at the Kids Academy, where children can gather, get to know each other, play, and build good fitness habits that will benefit them throughout their lives. For downtime, you can relax in the LifeSpa or grab a healthy meal at the LifeCafe. 

Combine a fitness program with a health-conscious diet: having a Whole Foods in the building will make this easy to do. The bulk aisle alone will entice you to experiment with new healthy snacks like chia seeds and macadamia nuts for refueling after your workout or for upping your smoothie game. It’s a lifestyle made possible by a combination of luxury health and wellness resources that will make well-being a passion rather than just a line to cross off on your to-do list. It’s all a part of the experience of living at One Wall Street, where the best of everything is woven into your day-to-day life. 
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As winter comes to a close and summer vacations in the sun are a few months away, now is the ideal time to think about your next getaway. This winter, residents of One Wall Street are perfectly positioned to enjoy an idyllic staycation in their enviable Downtown Manhattan location. Whether it’s engaging in some self-pampering from home in the luxury amenities suite, or shopping and absorbing some culture and history from the museums in the neighborhood, there are endless choices for a fun and memorable winter day in and around these Lower Manhattan condos for sale.

Once amenities are completed in Q4 2022, residents will have endless options from the comfort of their own home to stay feeling rested and energized during the winter. Even if it’s too cold for a dip in the ocean, the 75-foot swimming pool, enclosed in glass and overlooking New York Harbor, is perfect for doing a few laps and feeling refreshed in the process. Of course, a great way to rejuvenate and reduce stress is by breaking a sweat with a workout in the full-floor wellness and fitness center. Or perhaps you prefer to detox by sweating out impurities in the steam room.

But for an adventure outside of home, residents can begin with the Esplanade at Battery Park City, which boasts some of the most magnificent unobstructed water views in the city. Stop by Takahachi Bakery for a hot espresso drink, or to savor a tasty tea, like the genmaicha or honey yuzu tea. Or, perhaps best of all, pick up some baked goods created by Naoko Mabuchi, Takahachi’s acclaimed executive patisserie, to enjoy while taking in the view.

After a relaxing afternoon along the riverfront, a therapeutic session of retail therapy is in order at Brookfield Place. This Downtown shopping center is home to an array of designer boutiques, such as Bottega Veneta, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton; standbys like Lululemon and Bonobos; as well as restaurants, cafes, a salon, a pharmacy, and a cobbler, among other services. After picking up some gifts for yourself or your loved ones, you can sign up for a spin on the ice at The Rink at Brookfield Place, or take a private lesson to perfect your gliding and spins.

Finally, no staycation in NYC would be complete without a bit of cultural and personal enrichment at the world-renowned museums in Downtown Manhattan. The Museum of Jewish Heritage brings to New York a living memorial to the Holocaust and a document of Jewish life. The South Street Seaport Museum celebrates New York’s identity as a port city with a wide-ranging collection of artworks and artifacts, as well as a fleet of historic vessels and a functioning 19th-century print shop — all visitable along cobblestone roads in the South Street Seaport area. Finally, the 9/11 Memorial & Museum honors the history of the 9/11 attacks, with a combination of found objects, direct personal stories, audio, and architecture, as well as the 9/11 Memorial itself.

After a full day of museum visits, shopping, skating and exploring Downtown Manhattan, return home to your One Wall Street home feeling refreshed after your winter staycation in the neighborhood. 

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Downtown Manhattan has long been a hub for international epicures. Whether it’s the fur traders of the colonial era or the business leaders and stock traders of today, in-the-know foodies have tended to flock to the Financial District for its exceptional culinary offerings. And now, lucky residents of the Lower Manhattan condos for sale at One Wall Street will find themselves right in the center of the neighborhood’s red-hot restaurant scene. You’ll find everything from world-class private dining to the most indulgent takeout options. Let’s take a look at some of the area’s unparalleled offerings. 

Crown Shy

Star chef and NYC native James Kent has quite the resume, starting with his time as a teenage protégé of Chef David Bouley during the white-hot restaurant scene of the 90s. Having trained at the world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu and worked in the kitchens of Eleven Madison Park and the NoMad, Kent has amassed the knowledge and technique that culminate in Crown Shy’s Michelin star.

Along with restaurateur Jeff Katz, Kent opened this lauded restaurant to showcase seasonal American food. Stepping into the decidedly minimalist dining room, you’re treated to a world of high-end service and mouthwatering dishes, where the focus is on technique and quality ingredients. While the well-heeled and well-dressed clientele might give the dining room a rarified air, the menu brings it down to earth via classic dishes with an ingenious twist. Here, a simple roasted chicken is elevated to a near-religious experience, with a succulent bird serving as the base for this complex citrusy and spicy dish. Even staples like the humble pork chop are given a sublime flavor overhaul. 


The team of James Kent and Jeff Katz also has another Downtown spot that reflects the glamor and luxury of the neighborhood’s history. Set in an apartment designed for an oil tycoon, SAGA offers an unfussy experience in an opulent atmosphere. One of the bar managers set the scene at SAGA with the Robb Report, likening it to popping into a chic party at someone’s house. This laid-back yet elegant vibe is on display at every moment, starting from the time you enter and are offered a drink and boosted by the warm, sumptuous decor and the ever-changing seasonal tasting menu (as well as the private dining option). Feel free to relax as you indulge in the seven courses and classic cocktails while taking in the jaw-dropping view of the city and beyond from 63 stories above the streets in the iconic art-deco building. 


While you might be tempted to head out for a Downtown evening of world-class fare and delicious drinks on one of the banquettes at Harry’s, you can also bring all the old-school vibes home to you at One Wall Street. Order takeout or delivery from this celebrated eatery that has been serving the who’s who of NYC for almost half a century. Mouthwatering options abound, from the perfectly cooked dry-aged strip steak to the rich and tender duck a l’orange. Don’t forget to include a side of their crisp and light tempura onion rings that pair perfectly with anything you order. 

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New York is a city of superlatives. Home to many of the world’s finest restaurants, museums, and cultural and architectural landmarks, it’s no wonder that NYC is often thought of as the greatest city on Earth. The storied skyline has graced innumerable Hollywood films, and its iconic monuments, entertainment venues, and even its streets — in particular, Wall Street — are among the most famous destinations in the world. A truly distinguished architectural highlight in Downtown Manhattan is One Wall Street, which is now the largest office-to-condo conversion project to date in Manhattan. These Lower Manhattan condos for sale will offer residents a slice of genuine New York City history in an embodiment of the city’s future of residential architecture and Downtown luxury.

Designed by legendary “Architect of the Century” Ralph Thomas Walker, One Wall Street was completed in 1931. This 50-story limestone Art Deco masterpiece has maintained its famed rippling facade, but has been restored and reimagined by Macklowe Properties for the 21st century. 

Residents will have access to one-of-a-kind luxuries like The One Club. The heart of The One Club is the 39th-floor lounge and terrace spaces, which boast a full-service bar and restaurant, formal dining room with a demonstration kitchen, and seating areas for intimate conversations with friends or for hosting larger gatherings and celebrations. The seating area leads to the spectacular 4,000-square-foot terrace, perched on the rooftop high above the Downtown streets and offering panoramic views — from the cityscape to the Statue of Liberty, to the glistening harbor and beyond.

The One Club also includes a fully equipped fitness center, as well as a 75-foot glass-enclosed swimming pool with a wraparound terrace for spectacular views inside or out. After a swim or a workout, residents can take advantage of changing and steam rooms to round out their wellness routine. For those working from home, or anyone who might simply want a change of scenery while reading the latest bestseller, the dedicated coworking space offers a comfortable and thoughtful place to plug in. The One Club provides for One Wall Street’s youngest residents with a children’s playroom and a teen lounge and gaming room.

Finally, concierge services are available to residents year-round, for restaurant recommendations and reservations, dry cleaning and garment care, private car service, chef and catering services, housekeeping, dog walking, and much more — meeting every conceivable need quickly and easily. 

One Wall Street is located in one of the most dynamic locations in the city, close to several transportation hubs and features a Whole Foods within the lower level, making everyday living all the more convenient. Contact us today to learn more about our current availability and to own a piece of New York’s history.